ISDT Charger Comparison Table

ISDT Charger Comparison Table

The following table is a roundup of features for a majority of the ISDT chargers / dischargers suitable for FPV.

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Model AC InputDC Input# Chans# Lipo Min# Lipo MaxMax Total Charge CurrentMax Total Charge PowerMax Total Discharge CurrentMax Total Discharge PowerLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (g)App & Wireless
K2 Air100V to 240V10V to 30V21S6S35A800W3A30W13513564700Yes
Air 8N/A10V to 34V11S8S20A500W1.5A15W808034169Yes
K4100V to 240V10V to 34V21S8S35A800W3A60W183176571230No
K1100V to 240V10V to 30V21S6S20A500W??13511549485No
K2100V to 240V10V to 30V21S6S35A800W3A30W13513564700No
P10N/A10V to 30V21S6S16A400WN/AN/A90.590.547.3250No
P20N/A10V to 34V21S8S35A800W3A30W105.5105.547.3350No
PD60N/A5V to 20V USB11S4S6A60WN/AN/A85562187No
D1100V to 240V10V to 30V11S6S10A250W1A15W12611549460No
P30N/A10V to 34V21S8S60A1500W6A60W11011065730Yes
Q6 NanoN/A10V to 34V12S6S8A200W1A10W727232120No
Q8N/A10V to 34V12S8S20A500W1.5A15W808033170No
Q8 MaxN/A10V to 34V12S8S30A1000W3A30W959545288No
608AC100V to 240V10V to 30V11S6S8A200W?10W11311030350No
FD-200N/A7V to 35V12S8SN/AN/A25A200W14010060790Yes
H605 AirN/A10V to 27V11S6S5A50WN/AN/A7955.716.671Yes
UC4N/A5V to 9V USB41S1S?N/A1.5AN/A55.134.911.832No
T6 LiteN/A8V to 32V11S6S25A600W5A20W12010058296No
T6N/A8V to 32V11S6S30A780W5A20W12010058296No
T8N/A12V to 42V12S8S30A1000W5A20W12010058296No
Q6 LiteN/A7V to 32V12S6S8A200W3A5W808033.5119No
Q6N/A7V to 32V12S6S14A300W3A8W808033.5119No
Q6 ProN/A7V to 32V12S6S14A300W3A8W808033.5119No
D2100V to 240VN/A21S6S24A200W6A10W12010870558No
SC-608N/A9V to 32V11S6S8A150W3A5W885836110No
SC-620N/A9V to 30V11S6S20A500W5A15W13011552289No
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